What surface modification methods and equipment have you utilized for textile materials?

Sample interview questions: What surface modification methods and equipment have you utilized for textile materials?

Sample answer:

  1. Surface Modification Methods:

  2. Plasma Treatment: Utilized low-temperature plasma to enhance the wettability and adhesion properties of textile surfaces, improving their printability, dyeability, and antimicrobial properties. This method can also be used to induce specific functional groups on the textile surface.

  3. Corona Discharge Treatment: Employed a high-voltage electrical discharge to modify the surface of textiles, increasing their surface energy, improving their adhesion to other materials, and enhancing their printability. This method is particularly suitable for synthetic fibers.

  4. Enzymatic Treatment: Used enzymes to modify the chemical structure of textile fibers, resulting in improved softness, anti-pilling properties, and colorfastness. This treatment is often used for natural fibers such as cotton and wool.

  5. Chemical Finishing Techniques: Applied various chemical treatments to textiles to impart specific properties, such as wrinkle resistance, flame retardancy, water and oil repellency, and antibacterial activity. These treatments can be achieved through padding, coating, or spraying techniques.

  6. Mechanical Finishing Techniques: Employed mechanical processes such as brushing, sanding, or calendering to alter the surface texture and appearance of textiles. These techniques can create raised effects, smooth surfaces, or embossed patterns.

  7. Equipment Utilized:

  8. Plasma Treatment Equipment: Operated low-pressure plasma systems to modify textile surfaces, controlling parameters such a… Read full answer

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