What factors do you consider when sourcing textile materials for exclusive fashion collections?

Sample interview questions: What factors do you consider when sourcing textile materials for exclusive fashion collections?

Sample answer:

  1. Fiber Properties:

  2. Fiber Type: Investigate the unique characteristics of different fibers, such as natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool), synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon), or blends of both. Consider factors like strength, durability, softness, drape, wrinkle resistance, moisture absorption, and breathability.

  3. Fiber Length: Longer fibers generally provide higher strength, smoothness, and a more luxurious handfeel. Choose fiber lengths suitable for the desired fabric structure and aesthetics.
  4. Fiber Diameter: Finer fibers result in softer, smoother fabrics with a more elegant drape. Thicker fibers impart a more rustic, textured look.

  5. Yarn Construction:

  6. Yarn Count: The thickness of the yarn, measured in units like Ne or Tex, influences the fabric’s weight, drape, and handle. Select yarns suitable for the intended fabric weight and style.

  7. Yarn Twist: The amount of twist in the yarn affects its strength, elasticity, and surface texture. Consider the desired fabric properties and aesthetics when selecting yarn twist levels.
  8. Yarn Structure: Explore different yarn structures, such as single, double, or core-spun yarns, to achieve specific fabric textures and functional properties.

  9. Weave or Knit Structure:

  10. Weave: Choose from various weave structures like plain, twill, satin, or jacquard to create fabrics with distinct visual patterns, drape, and texture.

  11. Knit: Explore different knit structures, such as jersey, rib, or interlock, to achieve varying degrees of stretch, breathability, and comfort.

  12. Fabric Finishes:

  13. Dyeing and Printing Techniques: Consider the desired color palette, patterns, and designs. Investigate various dyeing and printing techniques, including traditional methods l… Read full answer

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