How do you identify emerging trends versus passing fads?

Sample interview questions: How do you identify emerging trends versus passing fads?

Sample answer:

Identifying Emerging Trends vs. Passing Fads

Emerging trends have staying power and become ingrained in the fashion ecosystem, while passing fads are ephemeral and quickly fade away. Key indicators to distinguish between the two include:

1. Longevity: Trends typically endure for multiple seasons, while fads have a shorter lifespan, lasting only a few months or weeks.

2. Depth of Impact: Trends influence various aspects of fashion, including garments, accessories, and overall aesthetics. Fads, on the other hand, are often limited to a specific item or trend.

3. Contextualization: Trends align with broader cultural, social, and economic shifts, reflecting societal changes and consumer sentiment. Fads, in contrast, are often isolated and not deeply rooted in broader societal trends.

4. Market Penetration: Trends gradually gain traction and become widely adopted, while fads tend to be confined to niche or subcultures.

5. Designer Adoption: Established designers and trendsetting br… Read full answer


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