What is your creative process when starting a new fashion collection?

Sample interview questions: What is your creative process when starting a new fashion collection?

Sample answer:

  1. Research and Trend Analysis: Begin by conducting thorough research to gather inspirations, analyze emerging trends, and identify gaps in the market. Review fashion magazines, attend fashion shows, visit trade fairs, and platform like Pinterest or WGSN to stay updated.

  2. Theme and Concept Development: Based on your research, develop a theme or concept that will serve as the foundation of your collection. Consider the story you want to tell, the emotions you want to evoke, and the target audience you wish to appeal to.

  3. Color Palette and Fabric Selection: Choose a color palette that cohesively complements the theme and concept. Select fabrics that align with the desired aesthetics, considering factors such as texture, weight, drape, and suitability for the intended designs.

  4. Sketching and Ideation: Begin sketching rough ideas and concepts to visualize your design. Experiment with different silhouettes, shapes, and details. This exploration stage allows you to explore various possibilities and refine your ideas.

  5. Design Development and Refinement: Once you have a foundation sketch, refine and develop your design further. Consider functionality, wearability, and the overall cohesiveness of the collection as you finalize the designs.

  6. Sample Creation: Produce prototypes or samples of your designs to physically evaluate the garments and make any necessary adjustments. This stage allows you to assess the fit, proportion, and overall execution o… Read full answer

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