Can you explain the process of conducting a card sorting exercise?

Sample interview questions: Can you explain the process of conducting a card sorting exercise?

Sample answer:

  1. Define the Goal:
  2. Determine the purpose of the card sorting exercise. Are you aiming to understand user mental models, group related items, or prioritize content?
  3. Clearly define the specific outcomes you want to achieve.

  4. Recruit Participants:

  5. Select participants who represent your target user base. Consider factors like age, demographics, experience level, and familiarity with the subject matter.
  6. Aim for a diverse participant group to gather a variety of perspectives.

  7. Prepare Card Set:

  8. Create a set of cards, each representing a different item, concept, or feature related to your product or service.
  9. Use concise and clear language that participants can easily understand.
  10. Ensure the cards are consistent in size and format.

  11. Conduct Pre-Sort Interviews:

  12. Conduct individual interviews with a small group of participants to gain insights into their mental models and expectations.
  13. Ask open-ended questions to understand how they perceive and organize information.
  14. Use these insights to refine your card set and structure.

  15. Set Up the Card Sorting Session:

  16. Provide participants with instructions and materials, including the card set, sticky notes, and markers.
  17. Explain the purpose of the exercise and emphasize the importance of their input.
  18. Set a time limit to encourage focused participation.

  19. Open Card Sort:

  20. Instruct participants to sort the cards into groups based on their understanding of how the items are related or similar.
  21. Allow participants to create their own categories and labels.
  22. Encourage them to discuss their thought process and reasons for grouping the cards.

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