How do you incorporate the study of art and social media in your research?

Sample interview questions: How do you incorporate the study of art and social media in your research?

Sample answer:

  • Utilizing Social Media Platforms as Archives: Leverage social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which have become vast archives of user-generated content on art and visual culture. By analyzing the content, hashtags, and trends, you can gain insights into contemporary art practices, popular artistic styles, and the evolution of visual trends.

  • Monitoring Online Art Communities:Engage with online art communities and forums where artists, art enthusiasts, and critics actively discuss and share their perspectives on art. Participating in these online dialogues can provide valuable insights into the current art discourse and emerging artistic movements.

  • Analyzing Art-Related Hashtags and Trends: Examine popular art-related hashtags and trends on social media to understand how art is being received, interpreted, and disseminated by online audiences. This analysis can shed light on the impact of social media on the perception and appreciation of art.

  • Studying Social Media as a Medium for Artistic Expression: Explore how artists use social media as a platform for artistic expression and experimentation. Analyze how artists use social media’s unique affordances, such as interactivity, ephemerality, and user engagement, to create innovative art forms and engage with audiences in new ways.

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