How do you handle feedback and critique from clients or stakeholders?

Sample interview questions: How do you handle feedback and critique from clients or stakeholders?

Sample answer:

Handling Feedback and Critique

Constructive feedback and critique are essential for growth and improvement in graphic design. Here are strategies for handling them effectively:

1. Remain Open and Receptive:
Recognize that feedback and critique are not personal attacks but opportunities for development. Approach them with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

2. Understand the Critique:
Actively listen to the feedback, asking clarifying questions to ensure you understand the specific concerns or suggestions. Avoid interrupting or becoming defensive.

3. Evaluate the Critique:
Consider the feedback objectively and evaluate its validity. Identify areas where it aligns with your own assessment and where it may offer new perspectives.

4. Seek Understanding:
Engage with the person providing feedback to gain a deeper understanding of their rationale. Ask for specific examples or evidence to support their critique.

5. Separate Objective from Subjective Feedback:
Distinguish between objective feedback based on design principles and subjective preferences. Focus on addressing the former and respectfully acknowledge the latter.

6. Seek Multiple Perspectives:
If possible, solicit feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders to gain a broader understanding of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the design.

7. Respond Professionally:
Thank the person for their feedback… Read full answer


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